[Japanese grammar] こちら そちら あちら どちら(here, there, which)meaning

kochira sochira achira dochira japanese mean sentence here there which


In this article, I will introduce the Japanese grammar "こちら, そちら, あちら, どちら".


Let's check the meaning of words and example sentences.



Information:kochira, sochira, achira, dochira


"こちら(here/this way), そちら(there/that way), あそこ(over there/that way), どちら(where/which/who)" is a demonstrative pronoun for a place.


English Japanese Romaji
here/this way こちら kochira
there/that way そちら sochira
over there/that way あちら achira
where/which/who どちら dochira



  • こちら(here/this way)・・・Used to indicate what is near the speaker

  • そちら(there/that way)・・・Used to indicate what is near the listener

  • あちら(over there/that way)・・・Used to indicate that is far from both the speaker and the listener

  • どちら(where/which/who)・・・It is an interrogative pronoun used when asking a question



"こちら, そちら, あちら, どちら" can be used in the following scenes.

  1. used to refer a person in a polite way
  2. used in formal contexts and also indicate direction


When you want to say casually when indicating a place, use "ここ(koko), そこ(soko), あそこ(asoko), どこ(doko)".




Sentence Patternkochira, sochira, achira, dochira


こちらは〜です。/  〜はこちらです。

〜〜 is here/this way.

kochira wa  〜 desu. / 〜 wa kochira desu.


そちらは〜です。 /  〜はそちらです。

〜〜 is there/that way.

sochira wa  〜 desu. / 〜 wa sochira desu.


あちらは〜です。/  〜はあちらです。

〜〜 is over there.

achira wa  〜 desu. / 〜 wa achira desu.



Where is 〜 ?

〜 wa dochira desuka?



Which  〜 ?

dochira ga 〜 desuka?



Who is this ?

dochira sama desuka?




Example:kochira, sochira, achira, dochira


toire wa kochira desu.
Toilet is this way.



こちらは たなかさんです。
kochira wa tanaka san desu.
This is Mr. Tanaka.



dochira sama desuka?
Who’s this?



uketsuke wa achira desu.
Reception is over there.



そちらは たなかさんのお父さんです。
sochira wa tanaka san no otousan desu.
This is Mr Tanaka's father.





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